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If you have pricing data and are still missing crafting costs or profits in your crafted item tooltips, ensure you have opened the profession window with the TSM Crafting UI so the addon can cache your recipe information. Using the default Blizzard profession window will not give you any crafting information for TSM, click the TSM4 button in the top right of the default Blizzard profession. Make TSM show craft price and profit on all craftable items. In wow classic. I'm trying to edit file that I think must regulate its behaviour, so far my tinkering made TSM crafting tab completely dissapear from tooltips. Default behaviour is showing crafting tab only for learned recipes. https://imgur.com/a/v9w5bxw The profit column shows the expected profit. The crafting cost is calculated by summing the default material prices for the materials, and the sale price is calculated as the minimum buyout by default. The last column shows the region sale rate for the items. This indicates the percentage of auctions that will sell as a decimal number - Any tips on crafting? Use TSM! TSM has some really big advantages which I will try to list: Sniping the AH. TSM has a sniping mechanism that shows you when prices drop below our break even point. Automating your AH sales. With TSM you can easily automate your sales in the AH once you understand the basics of the addon. You can list your prices above the break even point and with just a few clicks your auctions are put in the AH

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  1. Crafting is one of the most useful value sources in TSM. It represents the crafting cost of a crafted item. It's calculated by finding the material requirements by scanning your profession. It then multiplies the required materials with the material cost for the materials. The default string for the material costs can be found under crafting in TSM. For most materials the cost will be dbmarket
  2. buyout. Previously it was a lot of copying and pasting, but I should have fixed it
  3. There is no Crafting operation applied to this item's TSM group (%s). This includes support for optional reagents for your recipes as well as legendary craft ranks. This is not a valid profile name. Profile names must be at least one character long and may not contain '@' characters. This item does not have a crafting cost. Check that all of its mats have mat prices
  4. First the crafting operation. its simple and straightforward. craft 3 at a time, wait til I sell 2 to craft them 3 and then don't craft anything under 110% of my crafting cost/110% of my matPrice. Now, I setup a banker alt, he owns his own guild, 6 tabs, for useful storage which we all need, that cost will run you about 20k for everything to setup the guild to use later functions I will talk.

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  1. From the TSM Crafting module, the Crafting cost of an item is the sum of the material prices (matPrice) of each individual item used to craft the recipe. You can change how matPrice is calculated by default in your Crafting options under 'Default Price Settings', you can also change the individual matPrice for items in the Materials tab of your Crafting page
  2. TSM's Crafting window allows you analyze what crafts will sell profitably and allows you to build a queue, speeding up the crafting process dramatically. It also includes the powerful Gathering function that will help guide you toward easily acquiring any needed materials. Tasklist: The new tasklist feature helps with gathering and cooldown management; automatically alerting you about.
  3. The crafting tooltip will now show for all craftable items, even if the crafting cost isn't currently valid, to allow for more easy debugging of missing mat costs. Groups You can now search for any item in the game and easily add it to a group via the new Base Group UI
  4. These 3 values can be any value TSM recognizes, from custom prices to flat gold values, to simple price source references like DBMarket. The check() function then takes a look at a, and looks to see if it is valid and greater than 0. If a is not valid, the custom price returns invalid. If a is greater than 0, the custom price will give you the value of b back, otherwise it gives the value for c. If you did not supply a value for c and a is.
  5. There is a setting you can enable in TSM to show crafting costs! Here's an image of where you can find these settings. Go into TSM, hit 'Settings', then 'Tooltip Settings', then scroll down until you see the 'Crafting' section, and enable the settings you desire! Hope this helps :) 1. u/endorphins12 Jan 02 '21 /facepalm. Thanks a lot, really appreciate it. A bit unrelated, but do you have any.
  6. Show crafting cost in tooltip (Optional to change. The default is recommended) - This will add the cost of making an item to the tooltip when you hover over the item. This feature will help prevent you from selling an item for less than it costs to craft it. Enable new tradeskills (Optional to change. The default is recommended) - When you learn a new tradeskill this option will cause the.

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  1. Added buttons to reset default mat cost / craft value methods back to TSM defaults in crafting options. TradeSkillMaster_Destroying. Destroying will now be significantly faster and more consistent. The Destroying window will now show item tooltips when hovering over rows. Using the draenic mortar for milling is now supported. TradeSkillMaster_ItemTracke
  2. Simple TSM Setup Guide: Best Auction House Addon. TradeskillMaster is hands down the best Auction House and economy addon in the game. It allows you to scan for specific groups of items, calculates crafting costs based on current market conditions, and keeps an up to date ledger of server market values and region market values for you to.
  3. edit: Setting up the crafting and matcosts a
  4. imum price, instead imagine a maximum at which price you will never pay more. If herbs are selling for just over 1g each, then the amount per ink item you are looking for is less than about 5.85g. It's easier to round up to 6g. 6g per ink makes 18g crafting cost per glyph. Therefore you can immediately know not to ever post a glyph for sale at under 18g. Naturally, you are going to aim t

TradeSkillMaster. TSM Sniper has been re-enabled, with a 30-second delay before restarting the scan. Addon Overview / Download. WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up Hello! Keep in mind that the settings assume you are crafting your items yourself. In wow classic. Higher rank base items also require a lot more materials. No Failsafe Operations included yet for this currently. Click the TSM Groups tab. All of the old TSM3 modules (i.e. Crafting, Shopping, etc) are now built-in to the main TSM addon, so you only need TSM and TSM_AppHelper installed. TSM has disabled the old modules and requires a reload

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  3. If checked, if there is more than one way to craft the item then the craft cost will exclude any craft with a daily cooldown when calculating the lowest craft cost. Crafting WITHOUT Groups - Variation 1 After you installed TSM Crafting, this windows pops up automatically after opening a profession window. There are 3 Buttons.
  4. TSM_Crafting •Provides advanced features for making gold from your professions •Allows you to automatically create a queue to restock crafted items according to your groups and Crafting operations •Replaces the default profession interface with its own custom interface which let's you easily manage your profession and queue •Gathering lets you easily and quickly aquire materials for.
  5. Lots of people are always interested in knowing more about TSM, so I've finally gotten into it. In this first video, I go over everything I use on a regular basis - Auctioning, shopping, crafting, tooltips, ledger, mailing. This is not so much a guide as it is a showcase for the addon
  6. Samadan's installing TSM video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK7dv_gB6F
  7. TSM4 Guide part 4: Value sources and pricing - The Lazy

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