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Back to the list of units The Spec Ops is an Atomic Era recon unit in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It upgrades from the Ranger (or its replacements). Attributes: Has a ranged attack with Range 2. -17 Ranged Strength against District defenses and Naval units. Abilities: Can paradrop into enemy territory (range 7 tiles). The range extends to 12 tiles if he's in an Aerodrome or Airstrip. The Paratrooper (or Paratroopers) is a special ground unit available late in the Civilization and Call to Power games. 1 Civilization II 2 Civilization III 3 Civilization IV 4 Civilization V 5 Freeciv 6 Civilization: Call to Power 7 Call to Power II 8 Other games 9 Not in the following games.. I was just thinking of an alternate unique unit for America (I think the p51, especially with how fighter class aircraft work in civ 6 is very situational and ultilmately a waste) and I thought of America having access to something like the 101st or 82nd Airborne Division but then I remembered that there are no more paratrooper class units in Civ 6 Paratroopers Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Paratroopers Cost 60 Upkeep Shields Food Unhappy 1 0 1 Required technology Combined Arms: Obsoletes Obsoleted by - - Hitpoints Movement Attack 20 1 6 Firepower Vision range Defense 1 2 4 Capacity Fuel 0 0 May be disbanded in a city to recover 50% of the production cost. May fortify, granting a 50% defensive bonus. May pillage to destroy.

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  1. I find paratroopers to only be good in certain situations-- you have to get them up to Blitz, which lets them attack after landing, and then when you upgrade them to X-coms, you get a 49-hex ranged parajump. If, however, you have Brandenburg Gate, Alhambra, and some other assorted exp goodies, you can get to Blitz really easily
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  4. This version need Civilization to be patched to version or higher (and is compatible with G&K). installation : - Important: delete previous version of the mod, else the VFS may cause bugs. Savegame compatibility is not assured, you should always finish your current game before updating. - download the civ5mod file to your mod folder (..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization.
  5. Civ 6 | PC/Mac. I was just wondering if anyone has thought of manipulating GDR mechanics to emulate paratrooping. In particular, if you could manipulate the jump range, maybe it would be possible to make a Paratrooper unit that can do the same but with distance like a paratrooper. Of course, I don't actually own GS (I only have base game) so I can't explore this further on my own and am not.

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  1. Paratrooper Category: TEST Last Modified: 2005-09-13 11:36:51 Modern Paratroops are infantrymen specially trained to execute airdrops.When a paratrooper is active in a city with an airport it may perform an airdrop. Press [A] then click a target square within range to launch the airdrop
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