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Just getting the data, please wait... If your browser is stuck looking at this message for over a minute then something has gone wrong. Try refreshing the page or. VeloViewer's Summary page is overflowing with your activity totals and scores over the years and you can set your own goals and easily monitor your progress. But many times I have been asked to see how those totals and scores compare to other VeloViewer users. Now you can. Totals and Scores Include Conclusions. Veloviewer offers a premium service for users at a cost of £10 a year (conversion fees for non sterling users are absorbed by the creator of the site) and offers a number of benefits that are perhaps over and above those of Strava itself, whilst being cheaper

VeloViewer has a free demo which lets you download 25 of your activities to get a feel for how it works. When you're ready to go Veloviewer costs just £10 a year for the PRO version or £20 a year for PRO plus which lets you re-check all of your segment placings and segments at any time (Once a week for PRO) Combinations are OK, so you could set up the summary page to only show mountain bike rides in 2013 and 2014 using your offroad trike. The top section of the main window then looks like this: Top left is your VeloViewer Score, which is the average segment position score from your top 25% (max 100) of non-downhill segments. If you're into competing segment positions on Strava this is a nice number to play around with, if not you can happily ignore it Now with VeloViewer PRO membership you get all the bits you already know and love but with no refresh limits on your Update and Rivals page.all for £20 a year! With PRO there is no need to wait before you can check all of your segment placings, find any newly created segments and see how your Rivals are fairing

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99% of veloViewer is identical for both Strava Subscribers and non-Subscribers. Since mid May 2020 Strava restricted segment placings for non-Subscribers and that is also reflected in VeloViewer. For full details of difference please see this page Joined veloviewer pro a month ago and am out trying to visit new squares in the map - gives me another reason to get lost, not that I needed it. Target for year end is to join up my Fife cluster of squares visited with the Stirling cluster and the Edinburgh/Lothians cluster (work to be done in the Devilla area and also south and West of Kincardine

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- Top level VeloViewer menu providing direct links to your key pages on VeloViewer. - Direct links to VeloViewer segment details page throughout the Strava site. - Direct links to Activities. - Direct links to Routes. - Direct links to Club yearly leaderboards. - VeloViewer Explorer tiles highlighted in Strava Route Builder including completed tiles, max square(s) and max cluster. - Chronological ordering on your dashboard feeds. 1.34/1.35 - Fix to handle change in React code on Route. The Veloviewer infographic has been updated and improved for your 2017 annual summary of all your Strava activities. This is the third incarnation of the Veloviewer infographic. It's a nice way to reflect on your riding over the course of the year When I first started using VeloViewer, I focused primarily on the graph showing distance cycled by year. My main goal in 2015 and 2016 was to cycle further than I had in any previous year. This zoomable graph was one way to track my progress, ride by ride, against that goal VeloViewer links to your Strava account. The initial setup will take some time if you have a lot of rides saved. Once all your data is imported into VeloViewer, there are multiple ways to visualize your rides. The opening screen has eight tabs. Click the Summary tab and the app lists your activity statistics at the top of the screen. I haven. VeloViewer is a UK-based site set up by Ben Lowe. For nine quid a year, you can view all your Strava data in a massive (and ever increasing) variety of ways. If you're at all interested in digging in to the numbers that your GPS device spits out, then I can heartily recommend it (and will be doing a full review pretty shortly)

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Blog: Summary View of Heart Rate Zones, Power Zones and General Suffering. If you are not seeing all of your power/heart rate zone or Suffer Score data then head to your Update page and Check for.. VeloViewer gives lots of options for presenting your data and a nice summary for each year of riding (e.g., see my VeloViewer summary for 2016), but I made the above graphs myself (except for the maps), but I couldn't have done most of this without the statistics that I obtained using VeloViewer

Blog: Projected year end values for distance, elevation, time, suffer score etc. on your Summary page. Now adjustable between previous years and current trend. I've made some more changes to the.. my veloviewer summary page said: Explorer score: 2484 tiles, average of 11.054 mi per tile Max square 14x14 Max Cluster: 636 . What makes it all the more novel (and to some extent frustrating) for. How does this affect VeloViewer? Because the segments that you see in your pages in VeloViewer are driven by the segments matched up to your Strava activities, as you refresh your activities (using the Get everything or the Check for new segments buttons) it will strip out those segments which are now not visible to you. If you are a PRO+ user just press the Check for new segments button once and it'll go through them all. If you are a PRO user you need to work through them. SUMMARY. The noticeable things that make the Vitesse 500 stand out are the shape of the tubes. Semi-aero tubes give the bike climbing skills as well as the ability to hammer out a high speed breakaway. The bottom bracket shell is a standard BB30, but, with the extra beefy chain stays and seat stays, this is a very stiff frame. During the.

This annual summary tool pulls your activity data from Strava using Strava's API, and creates a detailed set of reports, broken down by year, activity type, location, and more. In order to access your Strava activity data, you need to authorize this application to access your Strava data Unless you are a Strava KOM hunter, I would recommend the PRO version. It costs a merely $15,- a year. To start with Velo Viewer you first need to connect it with your Strava account. Once you activated the PRO version you can sync your Strava data to Veloviewer. Once you have new rides or runs on Strava you can update VeloViewer with the Update page. If you want to quickly update your ride. When I first started using VeloViewer, I focused primarily on the graph showing distance cycled by year. My main goal in 2015 and 2016 was to cycle further than I had in any previous year. This zoomable graph was one way to track my progress, ride by ride, against that goal. VeloViewer displays a plethora of othe

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A very exciting time at VeloViewer Towers! After 8 years of coding VeloViewer with just my own fair hands, I have been joined (via Zoom mostly so far) by my old colleague and mate Simon Benten to provide some much needed help coding. Ever since I quit my day job after 20 years working at Tribal Group here in Sheffield I've had my eye on Simon as a potential recruit. During our many years working together he always stood out as one of those guys who could turn his hand to an For me the cost is £48 per year. Here's Strava list of benefits of having a subscription. For me it's worth it because cycling is my main hobby, but your mileage may vary. The VeloViewer extension for Chrome though is free and is excellent. If you are using Google Chrome or newer versions of Microsoft Edge you can install it from this page. Make sure you are signed into VeloViewer and have. In the final days of 2016, I've pulled together a summary of my year in cycling. There are countless resources available online, particularly for those of us who use Strava for our ride summaries. I subscribe to veloviewer.com, which provides a nice summary graphic of year shown below. I rode over 3700 km (less tha Years Wer is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Years Wer and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Thousands of amazing developers from all over the world are making apps for Strava. Far more athletes are using those apps to augment their Strava experience. There's an app for everyone, from those that let you dive deep into the nerdiest of performance data, to an app that helps you make a friend in your neighborhood who runs the same pace as you

yearly summary fy17. table of contents financial performance our financial year fy17 70 governance, management & supervisory board governance 80 life at home home is where the heart is 20 a small home for big hearts 22 co-creating needs and dreams 24 pioneers on the homefront 26 introduction who we are and where we come from 06 finding opportunities in change - jesper brodin, ceo 08 closer. Here is a simple pivot table summary created using this data: This pivot table summarizes sales data by date, but it isn't quite helpful as it shows all the 300+ dates. In such as case, it would be better to have the dates grouped by years, quarters, and/or months . Download Data and follow along. Grouping by Years in a Pivot Table. The dataset shown above have dates for two years (2014 and.

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Summary of my year from Veloviewer. The 1,551 miles is the total including bike rides and runs, with 1,001 miles of cycling and 550 miles running. The bigger dots on the chart are dedicated bike rides above c. 15 miles and most of the smaller dots are my journeys to nursery. In total, I cycled almost exactly 1,000 miles this year (just over - no way would I allow 990 or so!), the vast. Veloviewer: The free version is limited to your most-recent 25 activities, but the Pro version is only 10 euros a year. There's also a Pro+ version for 20 euros, but I just pay for the Pro version, which allows visualization of all my Strava activities on maps, tables, charts. In addition, individual activities and Strava segments can be visualized on maps in 2D or 3D. It's a small cost. Veloviewer.com has a summary option. Apparently, I could have cycled from Toronto to South America maybe next year My 2017 Veloviewer summary. I'll leave you with a couple of photos from my year. The first is from my ride today at minus 16C. The Grand River has frozen if it stays this cold, I'll be able to ride across! The second photo is from my COLT bikepacking trip. December 31. VeloViewer (formally StravaViewer) started life as a Windows Phone application to allow me to view my Strava data on my not quite so popular model of phone and to try and plug some of the holes in Strava's own excellent website. Hopefully at some point Strava will plug these holes (and give some more nice summary api's) and make this website obsolete. As well as showing a history of rides.

The Strava Annual Summary tool displays detailed information about an athlete's history across multiple years. Danke! Hier gibt es einige Auswertungen nach Rad getrennt. Veloviewer hab ich mal kurz angeschaut aber für mich nicht wirklich etwas gefunden wofür ich nochmal Geld ausgeben will The aim of the game, and let's face it, it is a game, is to paint the map red. It's based on OSM Maps, and breaks them down into a chessboard like tile of squares. Each one is roughly 1.6km across. If you ride/run/walk/swim/ski etc in any part of a tile, it turns red. Veloviewer records the number of squares you've been in, in my case 3,418 Satellite navigation such as GPS (Global Positioning System) can capture, store and transmit. information about the relative location of things in space (Gibson et al. 2010, 329), and is.

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The activity summary data is as per the Strava Activity Summary data for future compatibility (see abvove) There is some processing of the record data: A unique identifier for the fit file is created (to be equivalent to the Strava Activity Id). This is created by converting the file name to a true date and time value and then converting this. 2002 Severe Weather Summary; 2001 Severe Weather Summary; 2000 Severe Weather Summary; Top/Forecast Products/Home: Weather Topics: Watches, Mesoscale Discussions, Outlooks, Fire Weather, All Products, Contact Us: NOAA / National Weather Service National Centers for Environmental Prediction Storm Prediction Center 120 David L. Boren Blvd. Norman, OK 73072 U.S.A. spc.feedback@noaa.gov Page last. If you look at the summary tab for your Veloviewer profile you will see a box to the right with your activity stats in. To the right of this box is a button labelled 'Club and Overall Leader boards'. Click on this and the leader boards appear. You can select various leader boards including Max Square, Cluster, Tiles etc and you can also filter by year or select 'All Years' Reactions: HorTs. T. I finished with a total of 30,000 meters of climbing in 8 days, which is a new record for me (even in the mountainous TCR 2016 I only managed about 27,000 m of climbing in an 8-day period). I've also now surpassed my record amount of climbing in a calendar year with over 220,000 meters so far in 2017 (in 13,000 km of distance) VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square Home; Help; Search ; Calendar; Login; Register; Yet Another I also use an old program with OS mapping called Tracklogs which has not been updated for years, which makes it fun sometimes when I meet new roads or housing estates. As my nearest new tiles are 50 miles away I spice up lockdown rides by starting again locally for 2020. This is a bit more.

Since the start was up a ski slope ( Homewood Resort ), great place and very kind to host this event! Everyone was laughing about running up the hill at the start of a 202 mile event. Well there was at least one person that did run up that first hill. You will have to read through John's report on what happened to him VeloViewer is supposedly a combine, so you have to pay for it - 10 pounds a year. Does it make sense? Nothing to me. Nothing at all. The free version is limited to 25 activities and 250 segments. On good day, we get a dashboard with our records, the best results, the result of VeloViewer, which is calculated on their basis, some stars for achievements and some information about our best. Elevate is an excellent Free add on for Strava that is available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers and works with Strava Free and Strava Summit. Elevate adds many important physiological & performance metrics and tracking tools to Strava.. Elevate adds a dropdown to the Strava menu that lets you directly access the Elevate App. Elevate also adds the following elements to the Strava Dashboar It is stored on VeloViewer, the awesome accompaniment to Strava. If you're already on VeloViewer, go to your summary page and then click Leaderboards next to the Activity Stats heading. In the pop-up that comes up, choose Explorer (max square) from the dropdown and then choose Leaderboard from the tabs. Finally choose All instead of the current year to get the global all. 2 Comments on Summary of 2016 on Day 25,390; Before I disappear on my next adventure I thought I would do a bit of an overview on last year, 2016. Veloviewer chart of my cycling taken from Strava data . Strava with the Veloviewer plugin produces this rather elegant chart (now if only Fitbit would get one instead of hoarding your data). As you can see I did 7,055 miles on the bikes compared to.

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Here is the usual summary figure (including all activities) from VeloViewer. Finally, here is an overview of the evolution of the total activity time (also an all-time record with 465 hours), and its distribution across the calendar throughout the years Riding. Will be adding some of my favourite recent rides on this page. To start with, here's my Veloviewer summary: Find my RideWithGPS account over here. Find my Strava account over here. I will be adding some of my ride reports here too: Ride Reports by Rik Van Bruggen. Features Upgrade Route Planner Organizations Find Padvark. Pulls in data about regional events, annual summaries and info about your Strava friends. Visit Padvark. This site can give you a graphical summary of your Strava activity year by year, and a summary of the achievements of your Strava friends Ben from Veloviewer tells me that the VeloViewer side had not changed; possibly the tracks coming out of Strava have been tweaked/smoothed/coarsened a little bit. Rather than sitting at home bemoaning the fact that I am now further away from the all-mighty Belgians, I had to get up and do something about it. I calculated to do my Borehamwood squares - the empty sector between north London.

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The New Year is approaching, and you may be wondering what the achievements of the past year were, perhaps even in comparison with previous years. You can view some of this data in Strava itself. But Annual Summary provides a detailed overview of areas such as annual distance, altitude, incline, speed, distance by location and region, longest trips and hikes, career distance graph, full. You need to pay a small subcription (£10/year) to enjoy all of your rides, but if you do you have almost endless way to search through your activities as illustrated below. The summary section on veloviewer is also endlessly configurable, showing you your progress as explained on the veloviewer about page. Screenshot below borrowed from link. Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited May 26. I stopped working about three years ago. I've stayed reasonably healthy since then too. Not falling off my bicycle has helped in that regard. Time and health have allowed me to aim to ride at least 12,000km / 7,456mi per year. Which I did in 2016 and 2017. I'm delighted to say that I am on track to do the same in 2018. Tracking how far I ride has introduced me to the Eddington Number. Sir. - Annual achievements: Changes how yearly achievements (eg. 2015 KOM) are shown on the dashboard feed. Unhighlight keeps them visible but without making them stand out so much. - Infinite scroll: Automatically load more dashboard entries when reaching the bottom. - External links: Show links to Veloviewer, Race Shape, KOM Club etc. on activity, segment detail and Challenge pages. - Hide.

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Dan joined road.cc as live blog editor last year. He has previously written about various sports including football and boxing for the Daily Express and covered the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for The Non-League Paper. Part of the generation inspired by the 2012 Olympics, Dan has been enjoying life on two wheels ever since and spends his weekends exploring the south of. To replace the Wold Top sportive that would have taken place this year, Yorkshire brewery Wold Top are holding a virtual event instead. Participants have to log 60km over the course of five days to complete 'The Lockdown 60', then £10 of each £15 entry fee will be donated to charity. Thoe who complete it then get a 10% discount code for online orders at woldtopbrewery.co.uk. Let's hope. Event Summary. Event Overview. The classic Daffodil 43 mile sportive, starting from the coast at Pendine then through the beautiful countryside heading towards the preseli mountain range before heading back to the finish at Pendine . This scenic yet challenging sportive is the perfect start to your cycling season. This is a great sportive go get your year underway no matter how experienced you. This year's summary took a bit longer because I wanted to add a new feature to topocreator.com where you can isolate and retrieve only the elevation data for the counties entered on rides. This makes it easy to see and count the number of counties entered on rides. Using this feature, I determined that I rode in 23 states and 203 counties in 2015 as shown in the map above. In Alabama alone.

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Easter 2015 I have been trying to tick off some more of the climbs in both the first and second 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs books and due to a few unofficial cycling holidays in the last year have made some headway. There's been good progress in the Lake District and a toe in the water in Yorkshire If you have at least your phone, you can access the feature - Year progressions: track your progress day by day. - Enhanced activity stats: Time in zones graph for all your sensors; Stress scores (heart rate, power, running, swimming); Advanced speed, pace, cadence, power, stats... - Activity best splits - Google Map support through strava web app - and a lot more... Follow updates via. Wer hat auch Probleme mit Strava Annual Summary von jonathan o'keeffe? Bei mir kommt seit Tagen immer nur Bad Request, wenn ich mit Strava verbinden will. Strava Annual Summary The Strava Annual Summary tool displays detailed information about an athlete's history across multiple years. www.jonathanokeeffe.com Browser: Firefox 69.0.3 und MS Edge . Zitieren. RN. Rennrad-News.de. V. vincentius.

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Tours from Lava Ocean Tours Inc tend to sell out - travelers recommend booking in advance! Experience Hawaiiâ s whales, waterfalls and wildlife with a 2.5-hour tour of the Hamakua coastline on a 40-foot (12-meter) catamaran from Hilo. I'm one of the people that really likes new and interesting places to ride. Check it out! Team Three caught up to Team Two at the 32-foot tower, and proceeded. It was written in 1959 but the messages hold true today. Elevator summary: Your success in life is largely commensurate with your attitude. It contains all sorts of funny 1959-type examples and vignettes that tend to begin with One day my secretary was getting me coffee. A window into by-gone days but a great book. Younger Next Year - This is an amazing book that shows age is not a. * In my defense: Veloviewer's summary screen had me at 10,000km before the added sprint. Veloviewer's infographic used the same total distance of cycling kilometers that I also see in the Strava app on my phone. Here's a funny tidbit: Strava on desktop had my cycling kilometers beyond 10,000km about 250km earlier. In either situation, I had unselected virtual/trainer rides and commutes. I think this is actually a VeloViewer glitch! When I look at Eric's summary I see a max square of 39×39, but in the overall leaderboard he is credited with 62×62 - the difference being whether this square (mostly an American Air Force Base) is coloured or not. I understand Eric has nabbed this square the blocker for his max square now is a private game reserve covering multiple. This Month, Last Month, Year-to-Date, All Time Although we focus on the rolling 4 week leaderboard - because that keeps you on your toes, it never ends - we also provide leaderboards for any month that you have been active on Strava Sep 6, 2013 - 2.0 - Updated to support Strava's new V3 API Oct 5, 2015 - 2.1 - Added Filter feature to display a subset of activities Jan 23, 2016 - 2.11.

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RideWithGPS Review. Note from the future (well, June 2015). This article was written in 2012. RideWithGPS is still the best route planning option, but hasn't really moved on in the last three years. My current recommendation would be Strava and VeloViewer, which is also a much cheaper combination. There will be a post on that soon Training Load Summary: A detailed table showing key metrics about the amount of training you have done by year, month, week or day (using drill in). Metrics include total distance, total Duration, T Score, amount of average watts > Threshold watts, RPE, and weight change. Peak Power Table and Curves: Compares peak power, both absolute and in W. — VeloViewer (@VeloViewer) August 17, 2021. It should be one for the sprinters on stage four this afternoon. A tricky final 300m may swing the balance towards a punchier rider such as Michael Matthews, but at such a short distance from the line you'd expect stage two winner Jasper Philipsen, Arnaud Démare and Fabio Jakobsen to all be in the mix Coach Summary. Refund Policy. Plans are protected by our Refund Policy and may, We are working with training peaks, WKO5, Best bike split, my wind sock, veloviewer, golden cheetah... Every year we do formation, the last one is Bioracer aerolab, French cycling federation, and we are workimg with LTIPS university 3 rivières, to be aware of the latest technological and scientific innovations. Dank der Schnittstelle für Entwickler haben sich viele daran gemacht dir noch mehr Statistiken, lustige und kreative Dinge zu zeigen. Strava hat gerade in einem Artikel die besten Erweiterungen gewürdigt. Mit einigen Tools bekommst du fast alle Strava Premium Funktionen kostenfrei. In Labs Beta testet Strava selber neue Funktionen

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